Data Backups

Once posted on the Internet, your web site content is vulnerable to hacker attacks. Alternatively, it can be affected even by your very own personal unintended actions. If you turn to us, there’s nothing to worry about, given that we always keep a backup of your site content, which can restored at any time. In addition, you could make manual backups of your entire website with a single click of the mouse through the File Manager, which is incorporated into the Control Panel. The system will successfully restore all web site files and will compress them into a ZIP archive, which will be stored in your account.


All our cloud hosting packages come with ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a compact Apache module that does a splendid job – it acts as a web app firewall, efficiently shielding your sites against hack attacks. And it all happens immediately, without you having to configure or set up anything. Your websites will become protected as soon as you decide to host them with us.

Latest Hardware

All new PCs and laptop computers feature solid–state drives and for a reason. Solid–state drives boast much faster read and write speeds, making everything considerably faster. Exactly the same will apply to your website suggested that you host it with FSWH – all the cloud hosting servers have solid–state disks and all the web sites hosted with us load much faster than those hosted on traditional hard disks.

And the best of all is that you don’t have to change, tweak or modify anything whatsoever to make it run faster.


Our cloud hosting services allow for better web site loading speeds and a much better scalability. The server load is distributed among a few physical machines rather than one, so you will not be affected by load problems and routine maintenance procedures. Each cloud hosting plan comes with a point & click Control Panel available in over 10 languages and with a Web App Installer tool, with which you can set up personal journals, community portals, online image galleries, and so on. If you’re not satisfied with the actual service quality, just make use of our 30–day MBG.

24x7 Support

You can get in touch with us 24–7 with all the questions that you may have with regard to our cloud hosting services. You may contact us by e–mail and through the ticket system and we will respond to you within up to 60 min. As a matter of fact, our average response time is less than 20 minutes. Plus, you can give us a buzz or use live chat during work hours.

Email Manager

The point–and–click Mail Accounts Manager will permit you to create new e–mail boxes, set up custom autoresponders, redirect mails, activate mail filters and change the levels of anti–spam protection effortlessly. In addition, in case you are more knowledgeable, you can use the available SPF protection option.

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