ZFS is one of the most innovative file systems nowadays and it surpasses any other file system with regards to speed, overall performance and security. The speed at which information is processed on a hosting server using ZFS is much higher, so not simply shall any sites hosted on the hosting server be read and executed way quicker, but also backups could be produced swifter and with greater frequency without affecting the functionality. Additionally, ZFS works with checksums - digital algorithms that are employed to identify damaged files. Whenever the file system finds that there's an issue with a certain file, it fixes it using a good copy from another hard disk in the RAID. Both the checks and the repairs are performed right away, so the data saved on ZFS-based machines shall be safe at all times due to the fact that it practically cannot get corrupted. A different advantage of ZFS over other file systems is that there is no limit for the amount of files which may be saved inside a single account or on the hosting server as a whole.
ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Shared Hosting
Considering all the advantages that ZFS has over other file systems, it's not a surprise that we've decided to employ it on the cutting-edge cloud platform on which your new shared hosting account will be set up. Our custom setup and the Hepsia CP make this possible since the other well-known control panels can't run on ZFS. The result of our work is a much quicker and effective web hosting service - we'll store your files, databases and e-mails on ZFS-powered machines which include huge amounts of RAM and SSD drives that'll provide the best possible speed for your websites. We also take full advantage of the much faster backup generation which ZFS offers, so we'll keep four different copies of all your files, databases and e-mails every day without lowering the performance of the hosting servers - something that companies using other file systems are not able to provide. Every server from the storage clusters also includes a backup machine and the ZFS file system makes it possible to have the most recent copy of your content on both places - a good copy, of course. This way, if a server fails, we could switch to its backup in seconds, so your websites shall be functioning at all times and you shall never have to be concerned about the integrity of your files or about the stability of your server.
ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We use the ZFS system on all hosting servers that are part of our top-notch cloud hosting platform and if you decide to host your Internet sites in a semi-dedicated hosting account, you'll be able to take full advantage of all its functions. Using the file system on all web servers in which your files, e-mails and databases will be stored means that you won't need stress about losing important information as the backup servers which we use will have the exact same copy of your content all of the time and the ZFS system is a warranty that the copy shall not be corrupted even in case the main hosting server fails for some reason. You shall furthermore be able to look through the 4 backups of your content that we'll make each day - one more attribute which we offer due to using ZFS and which no business using some other file system or Control Panel can provide. The best performance of our system and of your Internet sites is guaranteed through the use of hundreds of gbs of RAM and SSD drives, so not simply is our hosting platform safe and powerful, but it is also extremely fast and it provides the best possible service for the optimal performance of any Internet site hosted on it.
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